Threads of Time: Tradition and Change in Indigenous American Textiles

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Item Treadle Loom
Item 2009_042_028_Hpa_SCR.jpg

Ceremonial Huipíl (Blouse) with Long Brocaded Center Panel

File Sican Tumi Metal Corrosion.jpg Sican Tumi Metal Corrosion.jpg
File Earspool Metal Corrosion and Fibers.jpg Earspool Metal Corrosion and Fibers.jpg
File Feathers UV Light.jpg Feathers UV Light.jpg
Item 1992_015_274a_Apa_SCR.jpg Earspools with Spider Motif
Item 2016_021_002_E_SCR (1).jpg Ch’uspa (Bag) with Coins
Item 1994_018_033_Apa_SCR.jpg Tumi (Ceremonial Knife) in the Form of the Sicán Lord
Item 1989_008_051a_Bpa_SCR.jpg Tumi (Ceremonial Knife) with Llama Head